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Welcome Neighbors!

JLP Heating & Cooling are your local, family owned specialists, serving you with quality work, experience and newest technologies, always with a friendly approach.

With over 12 years of experience in the field, we strive to provide fast, efficient, and innovative services. We always look for the best option and solutions for customers' comfort and needs, by providing the highest quality of service. If you are ever not satisfied, please let us know!



Alan M.

Stamford, CT

I am so glad I met John and can't speak highly enough about his work, his work ethic, and his character. I have used him for general service as well as repair, and plan on using him for upgrades in the near future. He is quick and efficient no matter the weather or the time. Call him for all things HVAC. You will not regret it. Everyone I have referred him to has been more than pleased.

Nancy K. 

Greenwich, CT

During the heat of Summer 2020, our neighbor's air conditioning broke down, and days later, so did ours. Our neighbor called his heating and cooling guys and my husband called John Peden at JLP Heating & Cooling. Our neighbor whined to us about having to wait 2 weeks for parts for his A.C., due to COVID slowdowns. John got the parts for our A.C. in a couple of days and came right over to fix our system. We enjoyed the cool air a week before our poor neighbor, and we paid a lot less than he did! John Peden is a very nice guy. He is responsive and does a great job. He knows his stuff, and gave us different options for repairing our A.C. system. We definitely recommend his services. (Our neighbor asked us for his contact info.)

Zack and Denise

Norwalk, CT

John helped us from an uncomfortable hvac problem of having our house inconsistently heated. After a consultation, he provided a few options and recommendations. Within a few days we scheduled the work and were more comfortable right away! He was professional, efficient, and personable! Will definitely call again for future needs! 



JLP Heating & Cooling aims to service customer's equipment for efficient functionality during those cold months on Gas, Oil, Heat pumps, electric units, and/or water heaters of any type.  


Equipment Maintenance

Heating maintenance is an essential part for your unit working properly and efficiently. Checking a unit yearly could potentially lower the risk of having an emergency breakdown in the middle of a cold day or night. We will gladly let you know the condition of your unit and if you should be concerned about anything that might not be working properly. 


No one can foresee when either a new or older unit might stop working. It usually happens when you least expect it. Luckly, JLP Heating & Cooling is located just around the corner and will be there to fix your heating needs in no time. 


Unfortunately, heating units don't last forever and some units might be beyond design life and worth repairing. We will provide thoughtful and insightful options for your new equipment.


Living in the Northeast, we have had bad winters but we seem to have hot humid summers in the last few years. The summer months seem short but the hot and humid days might feel like an eternity. We provide a variety of services to not only maintain your unit but to give you options on when a unit might not be working properly or be fitting your home comfort needs.


Tune ups

The benefit of having a tune up before a hot wave is for us to visually see if the refrigerant levels are where they should be. This way you are not stuck sweating on the first hot day. We will also change your unit's air filter and make sure that all condensate drains, and pumps are cleared and working properly, especially if a unit is up in the attic. An important part of having an efficient AC system is a clean condenser outside, which will provide cool comfortable air inside.


No one can foresee when either a new or older unit might stop working. It usually happens when you least expect it. Luckly, JLP Heating & Cooling is located just around the corner and will be there to fix your AC needs in no time.


With unexpected non-working units, we do from swap out installations to adding new systems and mini split ductless systems. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Regulations are phasing out certain types of refrigerant and replacing them with more ozone friendly refrigerant. We provide options with various AC equipment that will not only be good for the environment, but will also be good for your home and comfort needs. 


Our main focus is to make sure the air you breath is clean. We provide installation and maintenance of systems that will help purify the air before it gets in your home. 


Air Filters

The most overlooked part of a heating and cooling system is your air filter. Along with UV lights, which we'll talk about in a minute, air filters help stop dust and other allergens from potentially clogging and adding unnecessary stress to your heating and cooling equipment, which could affect your air quality once it enters back into the home. 

UV lights

Remember those? These are a compliment to air filters. This air purification add-on destroys microbes like mold, bacteria, fungi, mildew, mold spores, and viruses out of sight. There are a variety of systems that will fit your home needs to get better air quality into your home, and also potentially keep microbes, mold, or fungi out of your equipment.


Feeling dry? Is your crown molding cracking? Scratchy throat? It might be because your humidifier is not working properly or you may not have one at all! We will help you find the right humidifier for your home. 


Seem to have a room thats a little warmer or cooler than any of the others? Let JLP Heating and cooling come out to see if there are any alternatives or solutions to keep all areas of your home at a maximum comfort


Don't you love technology? Don't you wish you could change the temperature of your thermostat once you are already relaxing? We are here to make these wishes come true! There are a variety of WiFi/Smart thermostats for all needs, and we will find the right one and install it at your convenience.  

Tired of loading up on wood and cleaning up ashes? Your home can have a nice cozy fire in seconds with just a click from your remote, while you sit and relax on your favorite couch. 




Born and raised in Norwalk, CT, I have always been handy when it comes to dealing with equipment and personal projects that involved wiring. Because of this interest, I decided to pursue a career in the Heating and Cooling trade and started working in the field after getting my license. For the past 12 years I have worked from small to large companies, after which I decided to start a business of my own to provide my customers with excellent services.  

I appreciate you visiting this page and hope you can consider us for your next project.


Jon Peden 





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